Monday, April 26, 2010

24 Weeks!!

I went to the doctor today! She told me that I need to make sure that I'm eating enough. I've only gained a total of 3 pounds so far during this pregnancy...
But the baby is growing right on track and my belly is definitely getting bigger. :)

She was trying to hear the heartbeat and Lennon kept moving around. She said "Well, considering he's running away from me, I'm pretty sure he's fine." But she kept chasing him and eventually caught him and we got to hear the heartbeat again, which I never get tired of.

I got blood work at the beginning of the appointment, but I won't hear the results until later this week. They are gunna call me... hopefully not at the end of the day on a Friday with an ambiguous answer.

On another side note: It looks like I will be delivering at Methodist Hospital in Mansfield. A very nice hospital, so I'm happy.

Sooooo... the strangest part of the appointment was that I have another appointment in 4 weeks, and then I switch to every 2 weeks!! Agh!! I can't believe I'm that far along! Time is going to fly by after that....

I'll post again once I get results back!

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